We combine technology with the experience of professionals with an established career in the financial market to enhance results for our clients and partners.

Our Story

We reinvented digital exchange, combining advanced technology with the expertise of renowned professionals in the financial sector.

We dedicate ourselves daily to offering exchange solutions that stand out for their modernity, security and accessibility, guaranteeing an unprecedented experience.

Our mission is to evolve alongside you. We aim to be the ideal partner, ready to meet your needs and overcome expectations and challenges in a constantly evolving world.


Always be one step AHEAD in the transformation and democratization of the foreign exchange market, in a personalized, safe and fair way, bringing growth and prosperity to our teams and their families, customers and partners.


To be the most solid, respected and innovative company in the financial market, providing the best experience in foreign exchange transactions for everyone, all over the world.

Our Values

That we not only believe but are part of our culture.

We know how much our work means

We work hard and have a lot of fun as a team.

We relate to each other with empathy

We understand our customers, partners and colleagues. Wiht respect for each othe, we leave no one behind.

We are transparent

We deal with and face problems in the right way

We think big

We know where we want to go and we build the journey together.

We grow together

We believe that this way, we will all grow faster and more sustainably.

We breathe innovation

We question ourselves with each new idea or action. Everything to improve, always.

The Inspiring Journey of Frente

Our story is a saga of determination, vision and commitment to excellence. Since our beginnings in 2017, Frente Corretora has opened up space in the financial market, paving the way for a future of unlimited opportunities in the world of digital exchange.

When we started the foreign exchange market in Brazil was stagnant, with large banks controlling most of the transaction volume. We realized it was time for a change and opted for an innovative approach, quickly expanding our partner network and democratizing access to exchange.

Our mindset has always been scale and technology oriented. We recognize gaps in the market and invest in advanced technological solutions, combined with the experience of renowned professionals in the financial sector. The result was the Simple platform, an innovative B2B2C solution that revolutionized digital exchange, allowing any company to become an exchange fintech in a simple and efficient way.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we continued to follow our path of success. In 2020, we launched our international operation in the United States, marking a new chapter in our journey. Furthermore, we consolidated our position as a market leader by strengthening strategic partnerships with large companies such as Gol/Smiles, PicPay and Hurb, in addition to Livelo and MoneyGram.

In 2022, we received investment from Travelex, the largest foreign exchange bank in the world, validating our visionary approach and boosting our collaboration with major partners.

Today, we are not just a foreign exchange broker; We are a driving force behind global market transformation. Our diverse network of partners, combined with a customer-centric approach, has been critical to our continued success.

As we look to the future, we are prepared to reach new heights of innovation and excellence. We are determined to empower our customers to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving world.

Our story is an inspiring testament to how determination, vision and commitment to excellence can transform an entire industry. We are ready to lead the way to a future of unlimited opportunities in the world of digital currency.

Join us on this exciting journey!

Daniela Marchiori – CEO of Frente

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