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The automatic and real time electronic trading solution.

Frente´s e-Trading platform is a comprehensive trading tool that enables the monitoring and management of the foreign exchange market in real time.

The tool allows greater control of operations in foreign currencies, avoiding rework and providing the most important information for a fast and accurate decision making.

Discover the benefits of the platform

+ Process Automation

+ Real-time price information.

+ Ease access to information

+ Reduction of operational risks.

+ Closing control

+ Optimization of workflows

Advantages for your business

 Frente´s e-Trading platform offers transparency and efficiency in order execution;
 Operates in complete confidence directly with the Front's treasury desk, complying with the current regulations and compliance requirements;
The solution allows market participants to optimize their trading flows, including BI confirmation and reporting tools, such as transaction and settlement records;
Manage, monitor and execute several types of orders according to the volatility of the foreign exchange market in a low latency environment;
 Manage accounts receivables and international accounts payables;
Save time through a friendly and easy-to-use platform.

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This is one of the solutions provided by Frente Tech.

With a white label concept, allows our correspondents and customers access the foreign exchange market with the presence of their own brands.
Fully automated, Frente´s e-Trading tool offers immediate execution of foreign exchange operations to meet the growing demands of your customers, improving internal efficiency.
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