Simple: Transform Your Brand with the Ultimate White Label Exchange Solution

Frente’s innovative white label eFX as a Service platform.


Projetado sob medida para instituições financeiras, fintechs, portais e empresas que buscam não apenas expandir suas ofertas de serviços, mas também elevar sua marca no competitivo mercado de câmbio.

Exclusive Advantages of the Simple Platform

White Label Solution

Elevate your brand by offering personalized currency exchange services under your own name.

Complete Management of Foreign Exchange Operations

Efficiently manage all stages of exchange transactions, from contracting to completion.

Easy Integration with APIs

Easily connect with your company's existing systems, improving workflow and operational efficiency.

Access to Products from Renowned Partners

Enrich your offering with services from leading financial institutions such as Moneygram and Travelex.

Why Choose Simple?

Simple is not just an exchange software; it is an extension of your brand, a tool to drive your growth and differentiate your offering in the market. Combining solidity, innovation and value generation, Simple positions your company at the forefront of the financial market.

For Whom Is Simple?


Simple allows fintechs to seamlessly integrate foreign exchange services into their offerings, maintaining their own brand and adding value to their existing services.

Payment Institutions

For companies focused on payments, Simple offers the opportunity to expand their portfolios to include foreign exchange operations, improving the service offering for their customers.

Foreign Exchange Brokers

Brokers looking to increase their efficiency and digital reach will find in Simple a solution to optimize their foreign exchange operations and expand their presence in the online market.

Travel and Tourism

Simple empowers travel agencies to offer foreign exchange services as an added value, improving the overall customer experience and increasing satisfaction.

International Trade

For companies focused on international trade that deal with multiple currencies, Simple optimizes the exchange process, facilitating more efficient and integrated international transactions.

Financial Consulting

Consultancies that want to expand their services can use Simple to offer foreign exchange solutions, adding an important differentiator to their integrated financial services.

Law Offices

Law firms can rely on Simple to efficiently manage foreign exchange transactions related to international cases, such as litigation, foreign investments, and immigration or citizenship services.

Exchange Companies

Simple simplifies the exchange process for students and professionals, facilitating payment of school fees, accommodation and other exchange-related costs.

Mileage Programs

Mileage program portals can use Simple to offer exchange services, adding more value to programs and encouraging users to accumulate or redeem miles through exchange transactions.

With Simple, your company can operate exchange services under your own brand, offering a personalized, secure and completely integrated exchange experience. Forget the complexity of developing and maintaining your own technological infrastructure; Simple offers complete management of exchange operations and integration made easy through advanced APIs.

Innovate. Expand. Customize.
With Simple, your brand is the leader in the world of exchange.

If your company is looking for a foreign exchange solution that combines efficiency, security, and customization, Simple is the right choice.

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