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Frente Corretora de Câmbio

We are an Exchange Broker that combines the experience of financial market professional to the innovative digital and contemporary vision that data technology has brought to Fintech.

All this with a goal

Be the reliable and flexible partner able to meet your demands and overcome challenges in a fast-paced world of change.

Personalized service and flexible rates complement the experience we want to offer:

a disruption of the burocratic and large financial institutions lagging model.


We want to be pioneers in the national exchange market revolution.

Our investments seek to optimize processes and transmit more and more security to the customers. We share our technology solutions with partners and customers to improve the way we do foreign exchange in Brazil.

We look to present an experience based on:



Personalized attendance and high quality service that reflects your profile as a customer..


Fair partnership model:

We prioritize loyalty and commitment to our clients.

Corretora digital

Digital Brokerage:

Trends application and news that make your operations become more practical and efficient.


Ethics and transparency:

Essential values that are in our DNA.

Appropriate Fees

Appropriate fees:

Market fluctuations monitoring minute-by-minute to ensure you to find the most appropriate rate for your transactions.


Automated Management System:

We use intelligence and technology to optimize time and resources.

Business Units

  • São Paulo - SP
  • Belo Horizonte - MG
  • Curitiba - PR
  • Fortaleza - CE
  • Porto Alegre - RS
  • São José dos Campos - SP
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ
  • Campinas - SP
  • Blumenau - SC
  • Florianópolis - SC
  • Brasília - DF
  • Recife - PE


We understand your need and make your exchange possible

  • We offer advice and operate the entire process comparing the best alternatives independently.
  • We monitor the foreign exchange market, indicating the favorable moment for closing operations.
  • We respect the rules and regulations of the foreign exchange market and foreign capital established by the Central Bank of Brazil.
  • Information on specific legislation and regulations for foreign exchange and trade external, such as laws, ordinances and resolutions, taxation, among others.
  • Support and consultancy in all foreign exchange operations.