Pix Internacional: Revolutionizing Payments for Brazilian Companies and Consumers Abroad

With Pix Internacional, we offer a safe and efficient bridge between Brazilian consumers and businesses around the world.

The innovation in payments that is transforming the way international companies connect with the Brazilian market. This modern solution not only significantly improves the shopping experience for Brazilians abroad, but also optimizes payment receipt processes for companies.

Who can use PIX Internacional?

By meeting diverse international payment preferences, PIX Internacional can be used by a wide range of companies.

Stores or Services Abroad

Ideal for businesses that aim to serve Brazilian customers with a familiar and trustworthy payment method.

International Retail Networks

For physical and online stores that want to provide an unparalleled shopping experience for Brazilians abroad or traveling.

POS Systems Companies

Companies that wish to add PIX to their systems, offering a new payment option.

Payment Gateways and Electronic Payment Terminals

Companies focused on expanding their payment solutions and reaching a wider audience by integrating PIX.

Why choose Frente's Pix Internacional?

Our Pix Internacional solution is more than a payment method; is a venture for international businesses looking to grow and connect with the dynamic Brazilian market. With the combination of solidity, innovation and value generation, Frente positions itself as the ideal partner for companies that aim for excellence and global expansion.

Pix International's Benefits

Attract the Brazilian Public

Adopt Pix Internacional and become the first choice for Brazilians looking for convenience and trust.

Focus on Technology

Offer your customers an instant, hassle-free payment experience.

Reduced Costs and IOFs

Provide an economical alternative to your customers, with lower transaction fees and IOF.

Fast and cost-free payouts for Businesses

Improve your cash flow and operational efficiency with fast payments and no extra costs.

Payment Flexibility

From direct payments at checkouts to payment links, we offer complete convenience.

And that's just the beginning. We are constantly looking for innovations and will soon expand our range of payment methods, always aiming to better meet the needs of our customers and partners.

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